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"MaKhumalo is the Kim k of the wives" (opinion)

Chukwu Philips

Oct. 01, 2020

Women like to make their life difficult, sharing a man is bad the is no love at all there, they are staying for money only #Uthandonesthembu,
Makhumalo the Kim K of the wives. The money spender. Love her can't wait to see her wedding #Uthandonesthembu. Lol did ya'll see MaNgwabe's face it was like she's saying "if lomfazi bemisa owam umshado bezonya" #Uthandonesthembu.
This group marriage thing looks tiring, I am literally exhausted on behalf of all these women. #Uthandonesthembu. They dont even like each other lmaooooo. They didn't spend time together as a huge family?
#Uthandonesthembu. Lmao Polygamy is no child's play. Bona everyone is bored. #Uthandonesthembu. #Uthandonesthembu. I actually want to read Musa's book about how he made his first million otherwise haii.
I want to be happy around my wife and kids I want to hold conversations with them serious one and funny ones not what's happening at this dinner table #Uthandonesthembu
It's nice to watch this family. Having the insight of how some polygamy families be like. I'm glad it's a tradition done by few. I'm not cut out to be in some sharing husband and kids thing. Some how it doesn't feel right. #Uthandonesthembu
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