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Nigeria @60: Akwa Ibom NUT Laments Impunity Level


Oct. 01, 2020

The Akwa Ibom State chapter of the Nigeria Union of Teachers (NUT) has declared any celebrations to mark Nigeria at 60 as impunity raised to a glorious level.
The teacher’s union say the nation has retained nothing to celebrate as it has continued to watch her citizens killed and destroyed in the North Eastern part of the country.
The Akwa Ibom State Chairman of the Nigeria Union of Teachers, Comrade Etim Ukpong who expressed his disappointment while speaking with our correspondent in Uyo on Thursday, blame the nation’s leaders for the unabated killings that have been carried out over the years..
Ukpong who recalled the claims by the federal government that perpetrators of the.killings were foreigners, queried  government inability to.fight such invasion over the years.
“At 60 Nigeria has nothing to celebrate.  Are you going to celebrate the killing in some parts of the country,? are you going to celebrate the impunity on the part of those doing these things? are we going to celebrate the complete lack of interest of government on the killing  of its citizens by foreigners as they say?
“Just yesterday,  southern Kaduna people were protesting and openly calling for separation from Kaduna state, openly accusing federal and state governments of aiding their woes. So for me, openly celebrating Nigeria at 60 is like raising impunity to a glorious level. People are dying and you are celebrating. what are you celebrating? he queried
On the growth of  the educational system over the years, the NUT chairman who is Principal General in one of the schools in the state regretted that the stagnated educational curriculum in the country has continued to promote capital flight as Nigeria has continued to pay lip service to technological development..
“The whites managed education very well to achieve their goal. They did not want  Nigeria to become a technologically advanced nation.  they just wanted  clerks and interpreters to help run government. So all the first generation universities that they helped us establish were all almost humanities Universities.
“But after sometime we saw the need for a change, we came out with the national policy for education, but the implementation was poor, policy making could not fit into the need of our society and nobody was really interested in looking at those drawbacks, we kept turning in generations of students who came out  to look for government jobs”. he said
He regretted the hash treatment recently meted on University Lecturers by the federal government which led to the ongoing nationwide strike and charged government to stop paying lip service to the development of the education sector
Speaking on the nation’s economy, the NUT boss said
“we were able to reduce foreign debts to a level where we had debt forgiveness. today our understanding of the economy is to go and borrow. Once we have a little challenge, the next thing we do is go and borrow. who is going to pay all these debts?”
Ukpong who noted that power was frequently interrupted while the President was delivering his 60th anniversary speech considered such a huge shame on a 60 year old nation, whom in a man’s form would be considered an elder in achievements, wisdom and experience.
“Imagine, those who claimed they would fix power in six months haven’t been able to do anything five years later.  So  I would say that at 60, Nigeria is yet to become an elder. because when it comes to those things that elders are known for,  the wisdom and maturity; Nigeria is still work in progress. we have nothing to celebrate””.
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