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This Is October, The Month Of Heavy Thunderstorms, See 10 Things You Should Not Do This Period.


Oct. 01, 2020

1. Switch off all household appliances, most especially electronic equipment of all types. Lightning can travel through electrical system.
2. Do not stay or stand outside under tall trees during thunderstorm, go indoors immediately and do not stand in the rain washing yourself.
3. Do not make phone calls during thunderstorms, if it's possible for you, switch it off.... Note, always switch off everything electrical before going to bed cause you might not want to wake up and you feel reluctant to stand up at during thunderstorm.
4. For those using electricity, check your earth wire to see if it's properly placed into the ground.
5. Don't sit on metals during thunderstorm and don't touch any metals.
6. Always learn to pray, pray when thunderstorms persist.
7. Avoid open areas like hilltops, fields, beaches etc. If you see it coming, make sure you try as much as possible to move into a safe shelter.
8. Do not try to bath, shower, wash dishes or go near water place during a thunderstorm because lightning can travel through and electrify you.
9. Keep in mind that outdoor is the most dangerous place to be during a thunderstorm.
What other things do you know that should be done during this season of thunderstorm? Drop it in the comment section 📝.
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