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Weight loss: Eating more of one food can help burn fat - how much should you have?


Oct. 01, 2020

Weight loss diet plans are easy to come by but knowing which ones will work can be difficult. Instead of following a structure plan, slimmers can get into shape by making a few simple changes.
As well as eating right, dieters should exercise regularly and drink plenty of water.
When starting out, Emily explained some top tips to follow to cut back on calorie consumption.
She explained: “Use a smaller plate to avoid eating excessive portions.
“Also, make sure you’re not distracted when eating. Turn your phone off and don’t watch TV, being distracted may mean you miss hunger cues and eat more.”
Making simple changes to how you eat as well as what you eat could help create healthy habits.
The expert also suggested ditching unhealthy snacks and pre-planning meals to avoid overeating.
“Plan out meals in advance so you know you’re staying within your calorie allowance,” Emily added.
“And avoid junk food, try to allow yourself to only eat sugary or fatty snacks as a treat.”
“The main reason for this is protein is satiating – which means it makes you fuller for longer.”
How much protein one person needs to eat depends on their weight, the nutritionist said.
She continued: “For adults, the general daily requirement is 0.6g of protein per kilogram bodyweight.
“So if you weigh 80kg, you’d need around 48g protein daily to stay healthy, but increasing your protein intake might have benefits if you’re trying to lose weight.”
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