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Nigerians in Ghana hold #EndSARS protest at High Commission


Oct. 13, 2020

Scores of protestors, including Nigerian nationals in Ghana, thronged the Nigeria High Commission in solidarity with the protests against police brutality in Nigeria.
One protestor who spoke to Citi News complained of the lack of restraint from the widely reviled Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS).
“Their incompetence can make them kill for nothing,” he said
Because of the threat of SARS, the protestors said some of them are in “exile” in Ghana for fear of their safety.
“All we are calling for is for an end to police brutality in Nigeria and give a voice to Nigerian youth,” the protestor added.
Though the Nigerian government has once again said SARS will be disbanded, the protestors said they will not compromise.
“It is getting too much. They have killed a lot of our friends. When you use an iPhone they arrest you. We are tired. We are fed up. We want SARS to stop. We want them to end everything.”
Police officers in Nigeria, especially within the SARS unit, have developed a notorious reputation for corruption, brutality and human rights violations.
In an address on Monday, Nigeria’s President Muhammadu Buhari said SARS officers responsible for wrongful acts would be held accountable.
He also assured that disbanding the unit would be the first step in reforms.
Protests against the SARS unit were sparked by a video of a man allegedly being killed by police.
The demonstrations did not relent despite a crackdown by police and other security personnel in the country. The movement has gathered steam globally under the #EndSARS hashtag and spread to other countries.
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