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Mind-blowing AirCar turns into an airplane in three minutes – and soars over traffic at 125mph

Tomy Clive

Oct. 29, 2020

A CAR than turns into a plane in just three minutes could be going on sale in the next six months.
The impressive vehicle is called an AirCar V5 and was created by a Slovakian professor who has worked on the concept for the past 30 years.
A recent YouTube video shows Professor Stefan Klein completing two 1,500 feet high flights in his contraption.
He tested it out at Piestany Airport in Slovakia.
Klein is hoping he can sell his flying cars to wealthy individuals and claims to already have a buyer.
He said: "Following the completion of all required flight tests in compliance with EASA regulations, we will deliver a model with a certified ADEPT, 300HP engine within the next 6 next months.
He added: "The good news is, we already have a buyer."
Klein's company is called Klein-Vision and its vehicles look a lot more like cars than other more drone-like offerings.
The flying car is powered by a BMW 1.6 litre engine and can travel at 125mph.
The test flight video shows how it can drive and then transform into having wings ready for take off with just the click of a button.
Only 300 metres of ground are needed to get the car in the sky.
Business co-founder Anton Zajac said: "With AirCar you will arrive at your destination without the hassle of getting a ride to airport and passing through commercial security, you can drive your AirCar to the golf course, the office, the mall or your hotel and park it in a normal parking space."
There's been no word on pricing yet.
In other news, new driverless trucks could be ferrying goods on our motorways by 2021.
A robot brickie is to build a home from scratch in what is thought to be a world first.
And, a deadlydrone that can fly inside buildings and take out enemies with a mounted shotgun has been developed by the UK military.
What are your thoughts on the AirCar? Let us know in the comments...
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