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talkSPORT’s Moose asks Jose Mourinho to follow him on Instagram… the Tottenham manager’s reaction says it all!

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Nov. 21, 2020

Poor old, Moose!
talkSPORT’s intrepid reporter was hoping Jose Mourinho would follow him on Instagram.
But it’s clear the Tottenham boss has no interest in checking out our man’s endless stream of press room lunches or discovering who his new best friend of the day is.
Mourinho has become something of a social media sensation in recent months, with numerous tongue-in-cheek posts on his Instagram page seeing his followers grow to beyond 1million.
Ian Abrahams – aka the Moose – is keen to get in the act and grow his own, ahem, slightly smaller fanbase.
Ahead of Tottenham’s clash with Man City on Saturday – live on talkSPORT – Moose took his chance to ask Mourinho to give his own social media profile a much-needed boost.
“I’m enjoying you on social media, you need to follow me back though,” he asked the Spurs boss.
Let’s just say Mourinho’s reaction said it all…
The Special One paused before bowing his head and stayed silent for a few awkward seconds before Moose replied: “OK.”
Worth a try, eh.
Mourinho’s posts on Instagram have earned him plenty of new admirers this season.
A year into his reign at Tottenham, he seems more relaxed than ever and has been sharing some light-hearted moments from behind the scenes.
Asked recently if he was solely responsible for the page, he replied: “Yes, of course.
“I don’t accept that it’s totally in the hands of my people. I also need to put my salt and pepper on it. That’s obvious.
“As coaches, we last more than players so we get different generations of players.
“One of our qualities has to be to adapt to them and adapt to the new times.”
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