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How Does Marijuana And Weed Affect Your S3X Life ?


Nov. 26, 2020

Is marijuana use a fast track to a dead bedroom? Or is it just what the doctor ordered to spice up your s*x life? We investigate.
When it comes to the effects of cannabis use, stereotypes still abound—especially stereotypes about how weed affects your s*x life. Some people assume that because weed can keep you calm (and maybe even sap your motivation entirely), marijuana equates to a lowered libido. Others swear that weed gets them ramped up for some bedtime acrobatics.
So: What’s the deal? Does marijuana make you a lazy lover, or a stallion ready to go? We did some research to uncover five ways cannabis affects your s*x life.
Weed is correlated with more frequent s*x
Contrary to what you may think, using cannabis regularly is actually associated with having more s*x. A recent Stanford study found that despite many doctors’ concerns that marijuana can dull your libido, people who used cannabis were having s*x more frequently. The study, which examined a survey of 50,000 Americans between the ages of 25 and 45, found a strong correlation between marijuana use and an uptick in the amount of s*x they were having.
It’s important to note, of course, that the study only found correlation, not causation—that is to say, weed doesn’t necessarily cause more frequent s*x. But while causation is still difficult to prove, the results hinted very strongly at marijuana being a key player. “After accounting for lifestyle factors such as gender, marital status, religion, having children, using alcohol and other drugs, and more, the study showed correlation was still present. 
So we know that these other major lifestyle factors aren’t driving the correlation,” explains Jeff Chen, M.D., M.B.A., the director of the Cannabis Research Initiative at UCLA’s Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior. “There could still be other lifestyle factors driving the observed correlation, but it’s hard to say exactly what those could be. It could be simply that people who gravitate toward cannabis also tend to gravitate toward s*xual intercourse.”
Weed may increase s*xual desire
Why are people who smoke pot having more s*x? Because there’s evidence that marijuana raises your s*xual appetite. There is some scientific evidence that marijuana is directly affecting areas of the body that may account for the rise in s*xual arousal.
For one thing, endocannabinoids exist naturally in the body. The THC and CBD present in weed mimic these endocannabinoids and can trigger, or suppress, certain natural bodily reactions. 
“There have beenanimal studies showing that stimulation of the CB1 receptor (which THC stimulates) increases s*xual response, says Chen. “From human studies, we know that endocannabinoids are involved in the s*xual response.” But while these studies have shown that weed can stimulate the libido, other studies have found it does the opposite, specifically for men. As such, even if studies do exist, it’s hard to make a concrete recommendation either way. “There’s some contradictory evidence as to whether they increase or decrease the s*xual response,” Chen points out.
Weed may improve orgasms
Ask many marijuana users and they’ll laud the effect of a bong rip on their orgasm intensity. Now, the scientific record is starting to catch up, and is pointing to a correlation between cannabis and the length and intensity of orgasms. While no studies so far have specifically linked marijuana to increased orgams, research has found that the body’s natural endocannabinoid levels increase after masturbating to orgasm.
 “There has been a human study demonstrating increases in endocannabinoid levels after masturbating, so it’s possible cannabis can modulate orgasms by acting upon the endocannabinoid system,” explains Chen. Furthering marijuana’s potential for more intense orgasms, a study found a strong correlation between altered states of mind and lowered inhibitions and stronger orgasms. 
As for the emergence of weed lubricants like Foria, Chen says there’s a possibility that they can contribute to orgasm intensity. “A recent Mount Sinai study reviewed the application of cannabinoids on the skin. The CB1 and CB2 receptors, which compounds like THC act upon, have been found in sensory nerve fibers, so it’s theoretically possible that these lubricants are modulating s*xual experiences.”
And in one unique instance, a woman who combined heavy marijuana use with “pounding” s*x reported having intense, spontaneous orgasms lasting hours for weeks afterward. Far out.
Marijuana may decrease s*xual function
With the good comes the bad, and while marijuana may increase your desire to have s*x, it could have some adverse effects on your, er, plumbing. 
A review of several studies dealing with cannabis and s*xuality found a fairly strong link between marijuana and increased s*xual desire for women, but also found that marijuana could have detrimental effects to a man’s erectile function. The review also found that THC consumption had a small link to a decline in testosterone (although the decline apparently didn’t affect s*xual desire) and suppression of gonadotropin, a hormone that acts on the testes. 
“It is thought that the impacts of cannabis on s*x vary between gender, and may increase s*xual desire but hinder s*xual function,” says Chen. However, he highlights some difficulties with studying cannabis’s effect on s*xual function: 
“A host of other psychological, biological, and social variables are constantly in play with s*xual behavior. Studies on the matter are prone to bias due to some discomfort around talking about s*x and the subjective experience s*x entails.”
Marijuana could lower sperm count
Unfortunately, there is truth to the age-old story that marijuana kills sperm. Several studies have found a link between marijuana usage and lowered sperm count and sperm survival. 
“The CB1 receptor has been found in the sperm head and within the mitochondria of the sperm, which is a potential means by which cannabinoids can interact with sperm,” Chen explains. “
Observational studies have found a correlation between cannabis use and reduced sperm production or survival, and animal and human studies have found that administration of THC or cannabis extract was toxic to the cells that matured into sperm. 
It seems that THC’s toxicity to these cells may be due to disruption of cell signaling across the membrane.”
So while cannabis won’t adversely affect your libido, if you’re trying to have a baby, then you should definitely avoid marijuana, particularly marijuana containing high levels of THC.
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