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Reasons Why You Should Make Love During Your Periods

Clinton Mwenje

Nov. 27, 2020

The simple answer to this is yes, yes, and yes. It is completely normal to have s3x while you are on your period. Period s3x may seem uncomfortable and embarrassing but it can be very enjoyable and a lot of men do not mind it.
In case your partner feels weird about it, try to remind them that naturally, blood is just like the other fluids (like saliva) that are usually exchanged during intercourse.
Period intimacy is just like normal s3x, just a little messier. Period s3x will not protect you from the possibility of becoming pregnant or STD. The only way to prevent STD and pregnancies is by using a condom. Having your period is natural and it is 100 percent safe to have period intimacy. And by the way, making out while on your period is advantageous on its way:
It satisfies the extra cravings inside of you. 
The fluctuation in hormones on your period is linked to a higher s£x drive either right before or during the start of your menstrual cycle. This is why some women are more aroused in their period.
Relief of menstrual cramps. 
When you climax, chemicals like dopamine and endorphins are released. They help in alleviating symptoms experienced during menstruation (backache, headache)
Natural lubrication. 
Blood acts as a natural lubricant and adds to the warmth of the womanhood which is needed by both partners.
Greater sensations. 
There is a lot of hormones and blood flow happening on your period, so it can make things down there more sensitive and heightened.
If you and your partner do decide to engage in love - making on your period, make sure you remove your tampon before messing around. Forgetting to remove a tampon before s3x can push the tampon too far up the womanhood and you will have to have a doctor remove it.
Menstruation is a beautiful and amazing thing. Opening up and get to talk to him about whist you are experiencing is very good as it strengthens your relationship. It can also empower you as a woman to embrace your body when it's bloated, bleeding, achy, and running its natural course. Just because you menstruating, it doesn't necessarily mean that you should not have fun.
Things to keep in mind when making out on your period:
You can get blood on yourself, or even your partner, or perhaps the sheets. If this is your worry, put a dark clothing or towel down. It's not that dirty as you think it will be, and even if it gets dirty, you can talk to your partner that you want to stop or take a break. In case you are heavily flowing, then the dirt may not be worth it.
It is always good to have wipes close to you.
You can easily wipe yourself off afterward (also obviously take a shower after)
During this time, you'll feel uncomfortable when switching to some positions. This is because during this time your body is a bit sensitive. But communicating with your partner will help. When you lay down, the outcome might be comfortable and less messy as a result of gravity.
Use latex condoms!!
There is nothing dirty or shameful about having s3x on your period. With the correct communication and a little bit of preparation, the experience can be wonderful for both partners. It's not for everyone, but it is normal to have. Just because you're on your period doesn't mean you can't enjoy s3x.
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