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Tempers Flare In Ayawaso West Wugon As 3FM Debate Abruptly Comes To An End In Confusion.


Nov. 27, 2020

This year’s election promises to be one to remember. It will be one of the hotly contested elections ever in the country. The main contenders of the elections will be the 2 biggest political parties of NDC and NPP. Aside the presidential election, the parliamentary elections will also be on the cards.
Ayawaso West Wugon will be an interesting place to look out for. In 2012 the late Emmanuel Agyarko won the seat by 50.3% against Kwame Darko’s 47.63%. In 2016 Agyarko got a landslide victory over the NDC candidate. After the death of Agyarko a by election was organized and in that election the wife of the late MP stepped in.
In that election Lydia Alhassan stood for her late husband. She polled 12,041 representing 68.80% as against Delali Frimpong of the NDC who garnered 5,341 representing 30.52. The total registered voters for 2019 was 88,710 but only 17,859 turned up. Other candidates for the 2020 elections are Gifty Botchwey of the PNC and Richard Amegatse who is an independent candidate.
Hon. Lydia failed to turn up at the designated time and turned up 15 minutes to time forcing the debate to be dragged on after the closure time. The debate ultimately came down to John Dumelo and Lydia Alhassan.
“Almost all the halls in the University of Ghana have been renovated, supported schools and needy students. John has not distributed bout 500 laptops. Let him give you the list. La have also given laptops to schools. I have done more than him” Lydia said.
Lydia was virtually booed by the NDC supporters who had filled the area. Unfortunately, Lydia used an offensive word (Badwinba- unthoughtful person) that got John offended. When asked to apologize she refused almost forcing John Dumelo to leave the seen.
“I don’t call this a debate. I came here at 8:30am. You can’t come at 10:45am and debate me. She can't come and insult me” John fired.
The supporters traded words against each other as the police tried to control the crowd. Lydia went ahead to incite her crowd after John threatened to leave. With no respite coming, Johnny Hughes had to bring the debate to a close. TV3 and 3FM also apologized to John Dumelo for the insult thrown at him by Lydia Alhassan.
Tensions are flaring and Ayawaso will be one area the security services have to focus. We have one Ghana. Who wins the Ayawaso seat?
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