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Jane Fonda Tweet Shows The Hypocrisy Of Hollywood Celebrities

Okelade Pelumi Adeolu

Dec. 01, 2020

When it comes to virtue, there is no greater bastion of depravity and utter disregard for moral behavior than Hollywood. We all know that. And yet, they are also matchless in their open display of righteousness(aka Virtue - signalling). Thank God they suck at both being righteous and pretending to be, because anytime those drug - addled alcoholics virtue signal they are painfully cringe at it.
Celebrities a cringe machines. They do cringe things, like that laboriously acted black and white "I take responsibility" video by celebrities including Sarah Paulson, Stanley Tucci, Kesha; look cringe looks, like Bill Porter "battling masculinity" by wearing a dress to the Oscars since 2019. And sometimes they say cringe things, like Jane Fonda at the 2020 Academy awards.
The 2020 was a Virtue - signalling Olympics. The in - vogue moral front yard sign was caring about THE ENVIRONMENT, which is in peril at the hands of you know… normal people. Certainly not Hollywood celebrities, who made the point of wearing the same clothes TWICE for the first time in their adult lives and letting us hear all about their "recycled" clothing as selfless sacrifice for humanity, towards a more "sustainable" environment.
In stark contrast I recycle my clothes twice every two days. I've never thought of it as sacrifice, but now I know and I'm demanding a statue and a star on Hollywood Boulevard.
Not to be outdone by her celeb colleagues, 82 - year old Jane Fonda took things a notch higher. Wearing a "recycled" red gown dripping with expensive trinkets, she shared a picture of her award night look on Twitter and Instagram with the caption
'At Oscars wearing Pomellato jewellery because it only uses responsible, ethically harvested gold and sustainable diamonds".
It would have been even more gloriously cringe if she had made a video. The "pure me" look on her face would have fit perfectly as she says "Pomellato" with those crusty old lips dripping in luxury. Italian words are terrible at masking such hypocrisy, they just sound so shamelessly luxurious! You wouldn't need to Google it to know that Pomellato is one of the world's most luxurious jewelling companies.
We should ALL be like Jane Fonda and use only sustainable diamonds by Pomellato.
I don't blame her actually. I too am writing this on my Custom made Gold 2020 MacBook pro with Diamond encrusted mouse pad and an ATM instead of a DVD slide, which I got made as a tribute to all the refugees in Libya. Stunning and brave, yes. GIVE ME THOSE LIKES!
Needless to say, the internet piled on faster than seagulls on a basket of fresh sardines. Good Morning Britain host Piers Morgan quote - tweeted Fonda's tweet; "The sacrifice is humbling".
Check out more hilarious comments from Twitter users:
Turns out she was basically advertising for Pomellato as well, as a tweeter pointed out that she is a paid spokesperson for the company.
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