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Ladies Don't Enter A Commercial Vehicle If The Driver Is Wearing Any Of These Dress Code Or Ornaments

Olamide Elijah

Dec. 01, 2020

Firstly I Urge you to press the follow button to get updated on latest issue and trend in town and how to keep yourself safe;
The issue of Cults have now been gradually increasing in the South and Likewise the East. Well, I have some spotted dress code that Cultist wear and Ornaments though they use this so that other group members can access or identify them. It has been an ongoing issue that Cultist will Kidnap Young Men or women Mostly Ladies and Use them for Ritual, they do this in diverse Ways Though, some reports proved that they were Kidnapped through a Commercial vehicle. Well, Reading This article is a good advantage, Please also share to Families Friends and social media platform to save lives of individual.
Cultist are mostly spotted With Beret Either Male cult or Female Cult and they exist in Colors like Red, Black, Green, etc… When you spot anybody with an unusual kind of Beret please abstain from that person and Find the shortest route out of that place
Hand Band and system of Shaking:
Though now adays, Bands are now used for most department, company's and organisations as a means of advertising their product but Bands, were earlier used by Cultist, to Identify themselves so if you spot any one with an unusual kind of band, whereby the inscription written on it doesn't looks like what make sense to you, I advice you take the shortest Route to safety. THe system of shaking collegues and friends quite can prove to you that they are cultist.
Dress Code;
Well, when you see most cultist, their dressing can portray them to you, the have this kind of Dressing that mostly have to do with the colour Red and White and also some element of Black is also used instead of any other colour by this, you can spot them. though the colour Red express the lovers mostly they wear this with white cloth but with you see two lovers with red, and two cultist with Red with their mode and system of dressing you can quickly spot them out of the crowd.
I might no be able to enlist all or expand more but to you reading that has an opinion or other things or point which i have not included, you can write it in the Comment section without much Hesitation and NOTE, if you also have Criticizing opinion to this, the comment section is quite a better way of passing your opinion.
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