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See Throwback Photos Of A 65 Year - Old Grandmother Who Married Her 24 - Year - Old Adopted Son

Mujeeb Osuolale

Dec. 01, 2020

Strange things are happening in this world, it is very sad when you see something that you know isn't right.
Some months ago, it was reported that a 65 - year - old grandmother living in Indonesia got married to a 24 - year - old she had adopted after he proposed. The local report claimed that Mbah Gambreng who had adopted Ardi Waras a year ago got married to him in South Sumatra, Indonesia.
The duo had reportedly been staying together since then, according to what the grandmother said to local media. she explained that she did not have any intentions to tie the knot with him when she adopted him. Gambreng explains that she just said to him: "You should get married soon" as three of her adopted daughters were also espoused. "It came as a shock to me when he said he wished to take me as his wife, " she explained.
The report also claimed that he paid her a dowry of 100, 000 IDR (₦2, 742) which she collected. Pictures of the marriage reveal the delighted duo smiling, clutching hands, and hugging. In Islamic marriages in Indonesia, the husband or husband's dad pays cash or possessions to the wife at the time of their marriage as dowry.
Check out more photos below
This is indeed a very strange marriage, the age is just too much. Should we say the word is turning into something else or should we say the end is near. No doubt, our modern society has turned to another thing, people are now practicing wrong and immoral behavior. we hope this kind of things will stop for the benefit of the young ones who are relying on this generation.
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