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Signs He/She Is Considering A Breakup

Mulwa Stephen Mulei

Dec. 01, 2020

You have been in a relationship but you have been wondering what is happening. Things are getting colder and she is doing things she has never done before. You are suspecting that something is unusual and you have been kept in the dark! well trust your instincts when you see the following signs.
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Not interested in Coitus
Someone who no longer loves will be uninterested to sleep with you. So if you have noticed some lack of interest compared to before, then find out why.
Not included in his or her plans
You will find out late she/her has planned a picnic or a tour and you are not included. It's unusual for your partner to be planning such kind of events without you. If that happens, then someone wants some time alone.
Wants a break
If you have ever been told so, am sure that eas the end of everything. That is a soft way of telling you, I don't want you in my life. If that happens run before it's too late.
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Abusive and belittling
Insults and abusive words are rampant, you are not respected any more and you wondering what might have changed there is a possibility you are getting a breakup sooner than you expected.
Wants the key to the apartment
Before a breakup, your partner will probably find a way to get the spare key you have been using. Reason, you are not wanted any more in that house, or probably some one else wants to use it.
Communication issues
If love fades, the urge to talk to you goes down drastically. You will notice that you no longer receive good night messages or two days have passed and you haven't communicated. If you make contact doesn't seem to care as he/she is okey with that. Then you might be single and you don't know.
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Not available
He/she keeps on telling you that she is or he is not in the house or one has travelled and therefore you cannot see each other but you come to realize later she was just in the house. Then, there is a reason and the reason is you, you are unwanted.
If you have experienced the above, then watch out, a breakup is in the offing.
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