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Throwback Story Of Jehovah Wanyoyin That Died Of Malaria After Calling Himself "GOD"

Akomolafe Precious Oluwaseyu

Dec. 01, 2020

Many people have died in this world that people will never and ever forget them simply because of shat they did during their lifetime, This people have served as a source of point out to their behaviours and characters as a watchword for the growing and upcoming generation.
Everybody is praying for long life no matter the years dedicated you will live on earth, The last moment of a person in life is very important because that will bare your record when you die and take your last breath.
I believe or strongly know that you will know the Kenya Man identified as Jehovah Wanyonyi, who called himself "GOD", who also claimed that Jesus Christ is his son. The statement of this Kenya man left people shocked and made them surprise with the question "How Can A Human Being Call Himself " God". If you don't know, just read through this article to have better knowledge about him.
The 98 year old man (Jehovah Wanyonyi) who lived in Chemororoch village in Usain Gishu Country, Western Kenya. He even made it known to the world during his lifetime that he bought HIV/AIDS to earth as a punishment to humanity for defying his commandment
He also ordered the Kenya Government to pay him the sun of 3 Billion Shillings ($3. 8m) and said that If the government refuse to give him the money, he would bring a curse to Kenyans. It was gathered that the spiritual leader, Jehovah Wanyonyi, has 70 wives, 500 children and 1, 000 Grand children before he died from "Malaria" on his way to Cheragany Nursing home in Katile town on July 18, 2015. I know you would have seen and learn many lessons from it, please don't forget to like, share and comment for more news
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