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Your Problem Is Not Fear But How You Handle It


Dec. 01, 2020

what do we understand what fear is?
Fear is an unpleasant emotion caused by the threat of danger, pain, or harm.
We are in a world where everyone is trying to play it safe, no one want to risk anything, if we can't loose anything then we can't achieve success.
We all have a dream but no one want to take risk of achieving that dream because we don't want to loose anything in the process.
The truth is if you want to win, you have to give something. A wise man said 'the single most powerful asset we all have is our mind'.
You can train your mind to accept failure as feedback, you should not be afraid of of anything, it's possible for fear to come but the truth is how you handle it.
You want to go to school, you should learn to handle fear. These always make me laugh, any that hear the SCHOOL always get scared, well but that doesn't suppose to scare you.
You are a student you should learn to handle fear. Many student fear schools because they think they cannot make it by writing or wasting fees.
Yes it is natural to fear, we are all human. If you are afraid of exams it is normal, everyone have that exam fright. Even the best student.
They believe that if they don't read won't be able to pass that exams. if i was afraid when i began school.
If you want to hit it big this year you should learn to handle fear.
The two major difference between the rich and the poor is how they handle fear. For you to achieve that dreams, goals and plans you don't have to be afraid of anything see failure as an opportunity while in the process.
Learn to train your mind, how do you train your mind? The people, places and event you engage in matters a lot.
Feed your mind by reading books, you don't need to read all books there are relevant books you get clarity from.
Change how you think, how you see failure. What will be your reaction if you loose something? That's my question to you.
#Think deep.
#Chidec Dreams.
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