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3 Ways To Use Technology To Give Your Candidates A Better Experience

Gilbert Kipkoech

Jan. 14, 2021

If there is one aspect of the hiring process that helps to show that the recruitment technique is not just a favorite, it is the experience of the candidate.
Past studies have indicated that a large number of job seekers continue to have poor candidate experiences, citing problems such as vague application suggestions, extremely lengthy application processes, and minimal job descriptions.
The bad news is that according to one survey, 5% of candidates with a weak candidate share that experience with someone else, whether directly or online.
News of a particular company providing the experience of a weak candidate spreads quickly- so how can recruitment technology help ensure that even your rejected candidates have all the right things to say about your company?
1 Give candidates the ability to speak human
The days when the company was seen as a sign of the power of a distant, personal, corporate look are long gone. Today, candidates prefer to deal with humans, including communicating with a real person in your company.
You don' t need the most advanced technology to do this- email or text is enough if you can' t or won' t install an online online ' chat' feature. However, it can make a big difference in how a candidate views your company and the likelihood that they will rejoin your firm.
2 Take a look at previous candidates
Your slow recruitment process can alleviate candidate frustration if you already have a talent pool to call in, which includes candidates who have previously applied for a job with you but have been rejected, or inactive candidates who may not even know. Your company yet.
Anyone you contact, with whom you said " we will keep your CV file if there is any other relevant opportunity" helps to make the right impression on them, for the simple reason that they stick to their promise.
3 Analyze data arising from your recruitment efforts
With the right recruitment technology platform like Fusion Package that we offer here on Webcruit, you can focus on analytics that tell you how far you are going with your recruitment advertising efforts so far, and what approaches more than others. Well functioning.
When you have a better awareness of what good alerts and job boards are giving you the best results and which recruitment agency gives you the best return for a particular role type, you will be in a better position to deliver a smart and efficient recruitment. Process. This in turn, helps you give all your candidates a more positive experience.
Could Fusion be the best recruitment technology package for your own company' s rental efforts? Request a demo from Web Recruitment, and you' ll soon learn more about the software and how much it can add to your payroll recruitment process.
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