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35 Of The Most Interesting McDonald’s Restaurants From all Over The World Shared By The “Nonstandard McDonald’s” Twitter Account


Jan. 14, 2021

There's no one in the world who doesn't know what fast food is—some love it, others detest it, but the famous brands are almost seared into our brain. Certain fast food chains operate at a local level only, and then there are those that are spread all over the world. McDonald's is perhaps one of the few brands that even people who have never tasted fast food will recognize.
With such popularity comes variety. The chain's restaurants can be found in the middle of bustling cities and in remote places, with fascinating designs and astounding architectural decisions. And one Twitter user decided to collect the pictures of these unique restaurants in one place. This user going by the name of Nonstandard McDonald's (@nonstandardmcd) dedicated time to preserving the only architectural heritage of the western world—McDonald's restaurants! Since its conception, the account has gained 101.6K followers as fans of the fast food chain happily shared their insights, opinions, and pictures. And here are some of them.
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