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MUST READ! The Story Of Eva Carniero, The DISGRACED Chelsea Doctor Who Had S*x With Some Of The Club's Football Stars


Jan. 14, 2021

Former Chelsea doctor, Eva Carneiro became very popular after his fall out with Jose Mourinho in 2015.  
Eva was first demoted after a row before she finally left her position at the Stamford Bridge.
 Not long after that, there was an overblown inquest into her private life with allegations of having s*x with a couple of Chelsea stars.
Eva's former boyfriend, Rupert Patterson-Ward whom she dated for 15 months revealed how the medical practitioner destroyed his life. 
Ward also revealed of her mad s*x drive and how she boasted of her escapades with some Chelsea stars.
“Eva would blurt out she had slept with one of the players during heated rows. She said it just to make me feel bad. I don’t believe it was true.’’
Rupert claims one Chelsea player called her to his hotel room and answered the door naked.
He added: “She prides herself on being popular among the players. Eva loved the attention.”
Advertising salesman Rupert began dating Eva in January 2012 and told of how she is passionate, ruthless, and gets whatever she wants.
And he revealed how the Gibraltar-born medic, now once led him to the bedroom and declared: “Let me treat you.”
He said: “Eva is a very s*xual woman and not many people know the real her.
“She’s ruthless and gets whatever and whoever she wants.
“I was besotted with her and we were planning a family, but she chewed me up and spat me out.
“She rubbished me because I earned less than £30,000 a year — what some footballers collect in a day. I tried so hard but nothing was good enough for her.”
He said: “Eva loved s*x. It was so important to her. We would have s*x every single day.
“She is a fiery and passionate woman who knows what she wants. I was an incredibly lucky man.
“We were blissfully happy. We were an item and wanted the world to know — two people very much in love.”
Rupert was so keen to impress her he embarked on a rigorous gym regime in a bid to look more like the hunky football stars she worked with on a daily basis.
But one of his workouts left him in agony when he pulled a shoulder muscle.
He said: “I was doubled up and really hurting. When Eva came back she saw I was in pain.
“She took me to her bedroom, and with a twinkle in her eye said, ‘I need to treat you’.
“She tore off my clothes, glanced at my shoulder, jumped on me and we had passionate s*x.”
But months later, as their relationship floundered, he claims she taunted him by bragging that she’d had s*x with a player during their time together.
Rupert said: “Eva would blurt out she had slept with one of the players during heated rows.
“She said it just to make me feel bad. I don’t believe it was true.’’.”
Eva joined Chelsea in 2009 and former manager Andre Villas-Boas brought her into the first-team fold in 2011. She is regarded as a top-class professional and one of the best sports medics in the game.
Rupert first met her at Frankie’s sports bar in the club’s Stamford Bridge complex. He said: “I was a bit tipsy and loose-tongued and went over and began chatting.
“She was with her parents but I didn’t care. I chatted for as long as I could without freaking her out, and made sure she had my name, phone number, email, you name it.
“That day was like a Carlsberg TV ad.”
Rupert believes Eva mistakenly thought he worked at Chelsea FC. But he was welcomed into the inner sanctum of the club as her boyfriend and was on friendly terms with the team’s superstars.
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