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Why United States Will Not Participate In Uganda Election

Nicholas wechuli wanjala

Jan. 14, 2021

US Ambassay to Uganda has announced that they would not observe the elections due to frustration by the Electoral Commission. This makes the decision now to deny accreditation to citizens.
The embassy claims elections will lack the accountability, transparency and confidence that observer missions provide. Uganda will also miss the opportunity to benefit from observers' insights to improve and inform future elections.
It is with profound disappointment that US has announced. Mission in Uganda' s decision to cancel the diplomatic observation of Uganda' s elections due to the decision by the Electoral Commission of Uganda of allowing only 15 accreditations, it will not be possible for the United States to meaningfully observe the conduct of Uganda' s elections at polling sites across the country. Brown also clarified that the United States has no favourite candidate in the polls and expressed concern that the Electoral Commission has denied accreditation requests from members of other diplomatic missions and large numbers of Ugandan observers. This will heavly affect the citizens of Uganda in the future. Observers has been monitoring elections since memorial time and give back the feedback to the UN. The recommendations that comes this is always worked on the to improve the Elections in the future. But this time, the president of Uganda has denied the observers access to his country by only allowing afew observers. This has annoyed the US, making them to announce not to engage in Ugandan politics as they prepare to chose their preferred candidates. This means that, the country is going to conduct the election on their own. The long serving president is intending to remain to power and serve the people of Uganda.He has ruled Uganda for more than 30 years with his dictator act of leadership.Many people are hoping that Bobi wine wins the election so that people are treated well.Will US failure to participate in Uganda elections affects the future elections of Uganda ? What will be the disadvantage of them not participating?Will it affects the life of ordinary people in Uganda .Keep on commenting your views on this channel
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