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An Amazing Recipe Of Ga Kenkey

Elvis Kipyego

Jan. 23, 2021

How To Prepare Best Ga Kenkey (A Ghanian Cuisine)
Kenkey (pronouced cane- kay) is a staple Ghanaian dish crafted from fermented white corn. It' s a ways often followed by means of a surprisingly spiced sauce, made with glowing veggies inclusive of pepper and tomatoes locally called Shito and fried, dried or smoked fish.
There are exceptional variations of Kenkey (the cooking strategies fluctuate by means of manner of ethnic gruop). The maximum not unusualplace types being Komi made via way of the use of the Ga tribe shape Southern Ghana and the dokono made through the Fante tribe who live withinside the center of the country.
Kenkey is generally organized earlier as it takes a long time to complete. This dish is emblematic of the delicacies of Ghana, it' s far fed on all 12 months spherical and is so famous in Accra.
For now let' s get the recipe for Ga Kenkey.
* Dry corn husks
* three cups of white stone- floor cornmeal (now no longer de- germinated)
* 1 teaspoon of corn starch
* three cups warmness water (one hundred and five to 115°F)
* 1 teaspoon of salt.
How To Prepare:
* Put cornstarch and cornmeal proper right into a bowl.
* Add the nice and cozy water and stir till you get a smooth batter/dough.
* Cover the bowl with a fabric or wax paper and set in a warmness out of the manner area for 2 days.
* Divide the dough in half.
* Add 2 cups of water to a boil in large sauce pan. as soon as the water is boiling, add the salt and reduce to medium warmth.
* Add half of the dough to the water and mix it in. Let it prepare dinner dinner for 7- 10minutes and stir to save you from scorching.
* Take away the pan from the warmth, stir withinside the ultimate dough, and blend thoroughly.
* Divide the dough into three or four big portions and positioned them onto corn husks.
* Shape the dough into balls.
* Wrap the corn husk throughout the ball, twisting it it at the top.
Steam or stress prepare dinner dinner as follows:
• Pour heat water proper right into a steamer pot and positioned a rack on top of it.
• Put the wrapped kenkey at the rack and convey the water to a boil the usage of excessive warmth.
• Reduce to low warmth and steam for spherical 90 mins.
• Put the wrappers into the strain cooker, improved on a rack.
• Add sufficient water to the pressure cooker to fulfill the minimum stable diploma given with the resource of the producer.
• Allow to prepare dinner dinner for 20 mins at 15 psi.
• Quick launch the strain, then open the stress cooker so the steam releases manner from your face.
• Let the Kenkey dumplings cool for mins.
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