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Ireland's Vanishing Triangle: The Mysterious Disappearances

Rose Musyoka

Jan. 23, 2021

On March 26, 1993, 26- year- old native New Yorker Annie McCarrick went missing from Sandymount. Her parents arrived after being contacted by their kid friends. The parents remained in Ireland for six months while still hunting unsuccessfully for their own daughter.
On July 25, 1993, 39- year- old Eva Brennan left her parents' home in Rathgar but not made it back into her apartment. After two days of not hearing from his daughter, her dad went to inquire. Inside Eva' s apartment, he discovered the coat she' d been wearing the day she vanished. Eva wasn' t seen again.
She left their apartment in Waterford City at 1: 30 PM. The neighborhood physician' s secretary was the last person to visit Keenan as she crossed a road in town and seemingly vanished into thin air.
On November 9, 1995, 21- year- old Josephine Dollard was spotted with a payphone in the Moone region of Kildare. After she finished the call, she had been seen getting into a vehicle with an unknown person. Dollard never left it back home.
On August 23, 1996, 25- year- old Fiona Pender vanished after leaving her flat in Tullamore. On February 13, 1997, 17- year- old Ciara Breen vanished from her home in Dundalk. On February 8, 1998, 19- year- old Fiona Sinnott went missing after leaving a bar on Broadway. On July 28, 1998, 18- year- old Deirdre Jacob went missing only meters away from her parents' house.
None of those young women have been discovered.
The tie that binds them together? All of them disappeared in what has come to be known as Ireland' s Vanishing Triangle within the boundaries of Leinster. Police decided that the missing girls were most likely murdered and focused their analysis on convicted rapist Larry Murphy. He was charged with an unrelated rape and attempted murder case in 2000.
Together with Murphy in prison, the vanishings abruptly stopped, giving authorities more reason to suspect him. Unfortunately, too few signs and staunch denials on Murphy' s part means he was not charged for any of those disappearances. The fate of people who vanished remains unknown.
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