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Lost Apollo 11 Moon Landing Tapes Found In A Garage

Rose Musyoka

Jan. 23, 2021

Only weeks before Christmas in 2015, NASA heard of a tantalizing discovery.
At the basement of a deceased Pennsylvania guy' s house sat 325 magnetic information reels and two enormous machines, each dating back to the Apollo era of spaceflight, which put the first people on the Moon. No one, except for their final proprietor knew what was on these.
In 2017, newly released documents revealed that a collector in Pittsburgh had among his ranges two Apollo- era NASA computers in addition to hundreds of tapes. These tapes might have experienced a link to anonymous information relating to the exploration of space, but we' ll never know now since NASA ordered the tapes to be ruined. It is thought that the collector who stored the tapes and computers in his garage died in 2011.
It' s said that a man looking for scrap metal obtained in touch with NASA in December 2015 later he happened across two large computers and 325 data tapes dated between 1967 and 1974. The computer labels showed that they originally belonged to the Goddard Space Flight Center. It remains unknown how the computers and tapes ended up at a garage in Pittsburgh as the computers were very large and heavy. The Inspector- General in NASA redacted all information concerning addresses, names, and contact information before releasing any documents to the public.
NASA' s claims that the serial number imprinted on the computers do not fit their records did not sit well with conspiracy theorists that are convinced the space agency had something to conceal, hence their order to destroy the tapes. They are now questioning whether the collector was truly only a collector since he hauled to the tapes for more than 40 years.
The data on the tapes will also forever remain a puzzle.
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