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See The Unsual Way A Child Used To Explain His "Weird" Ambitions To His Parents

Abigail Serwaa Boateng

Jan. 23, 2021

Will, an eight year old kid, was always amongst best in his class, but he was usually absent from school. Sometimes he outrightly refuses to attend school and sometimes gives reasons why he should never attend the school. He often complains of not feeling well with vague and unexplainable symptoms ranging from stomachache to hyperventilation.
And come weekend, all these symptoms disappear without leaving a trace behind. His presence in school is as low as topper' s absence. And whenever he goes to school, his Principal and teachers complains that he is very disrespectful towards teachers.
Will' s Parents, then sent him to Child Psychologist.
As soon as the psychologist greet Will, he begun to tease the psychologist, leaving the psychologist amazed and his parents embarrassed. At the end of this counseling session, the psychologist looks suprised; he is unable to identify the problem, but he managed to prescribe some drugs and mental exercises.
Will finally got seriously involved in the exercise, but the exercise has an adverse effect on him; he gets naughtier, more disrespectful and completely stops going to school. No exercise, no screening seems to be working on Will.
One fine morning as Will gets up, he finds his home empty, and finds a hand written note by his father, which reads as, " We are leaving you and won' t return until you start going school regularly, and till then you have to stay with Neeta Aunty (their neighbor). " He walks out to the Neeta Aunty' s place and agrees to go to school.
While Will is on his way to school on school bus, his parents follow him by car. Contrary to his behavior, he remains quiet as if contemplating something serious. On the pretext of peeing he gets down from bus, only to never return to bus. Will' s father hastily parks his car by roadside as he sees him getting down from the bus, and the two start following him.
Will strolls towards a park, sits there for a while and then entered a a church. He offers prayers and walks out to visit a furniture store followed by a visit to a hospital. He finally comes out of the hospital and went to a circus nearby. All this while he is being followed by his parents. Will enters the circus arena and runs to see a show by a ventriloquist.
His parents return to their building and check with Neeta if Will came back, but he did not. They decide to wait for a while before filing a LOST complaint with Police. They enter their empty home, and find a hand written note by Will. He apologised and made them aware he knee they were following him.
He explained that he did all of this because he wants to be a ventriloquist (Ventriloquism is the art of speaking in such a manner that the sound seems to come from a distance or from a source other than the speaker). He could not think of a better way to put forth his dream, because he knows ventriloquism is an unusual dream to be pursued.
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