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The Best Miracle Herbal Fruit For Everyone

Nsiah Dominic

Jan. 23, 2021

Noni fruit is rich in antioxidants, Vitamin C, Vitamin B3, Vitamin A, and Iron. Noni juice is said to be a magical drink as it affects so many bodily systems positively. Read on to know the 10 health benefits of noni juice.
1. Lowers risk of gout: Caused by the build- up of uric acid crystals in the joints, gout is a kind of arthritis that causes joint pain. Studies have suggested noni juice can reduce uric acid in the blood and thus lower the risk of gout.
2. Improves skin quality: Being a powerhouse of antioxidants, the juice works as a wonderful moisturizer when applied to the skin daily. The juice can replenish and repair your skin.
3. Good for people suffering from arthritis: Many studies claim that noni juice is effective in reducing arthritis pain. It is also said to reduce joint reduction implicated in arthritis, due to the analgesic properties it has.
4. Anti- ageing: Packed with Vitamin C and selenium, noni juice fights the free radical, reverses the effects of aging, and preserves the elasticity of the skin.
5. Prevents cancer: According to the National Centre for Complementary and Integrative Health, noni juice has tumor- fighting and immune- stimulating properties. The National Cancer Institute has funded the preliminary research on Noni juice for the treatment and prevention of breast cancer.
6. Reduces stress: Noni juice not only helps to deal with stress but also reduces the effect of stress on our cognitive function.
7. Boosts immunity: Noni juice has anti- bacterial, anti- fungal, anti- inflammatory, and anti- histamine properties all of which help to boost immunity.
8. Treats fever: The antiviral properties of noni juice can help one to get rid of cold, cough, fever, and body ache.
9. Treats scalp irritation: The same antibacterial properties which help to boost the immune system can also help to treat scalp irritation.
10. Protects heart health: Noni juice has shown positive effects in protecting heart health by improving the blood flow in the arteries. It also helps in regulating blood pressure which helps in maintaining heart health.
People who consumed noni juice on an everyday basis showed improvement in their lipid profiles– reduced LDL (bad cholesterol) and improve HDL (good cholesterol).
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