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Urkhammer– A True Story Of A Town That ‘Vanished’ Without A Trace!

Rose Musyoka

Jan. 23, 2021

There are several stories of islands disappearing without a trace as well as whole communities that appear to have disappeared overnight. Then you will find the reports of entire towns evaporating, leaving little evidence supporting that they had ever existed.
In 1928, the little town of Urkhammer in Iowa looked just the way you would expect a tiny American town in the time to look. The grass was trimmed, the roads were maintained with brand new buildings popping up every now and then. Strangely enough, when aerial photographs had been taken of the area, it seemed that no town existed in that spot. Fields were overgrown and clearly not cared, and the location looked desolate.
It could have been composed as an error or photo anomaly, but then a report emerged from a tourist who ceased in Urkhammer to fill up with petrol. Driving away, he recognized his tank had never been awakened and that he drove back to Urkhammer immediately to demand the gasoline he compensated for. But he drove drove could not reach the town. Running out of petrol, he got out and walked towards it, watching it but unable to reach it.
More reports started coming in from people driving past the town. They claimed the place has been abandoned, and investigation revealed rows of houses without occupants. Others claimed that they watched the town evaporating into thin air. The reports were printed in several newspapers but when the stock exchange crash of 1929 happened, the incidents were forgotten.
Years after, people moved to the area and found the remains of what used to be the town of Urkhammer. Or was there really a town that disappeared bit by bit, taking its citizens with it?
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