HORROR! ! ! Ukrainian- Russian Soldiers Engage In Face- Face Combat, Kill Each Other In Cold Blood
Sep 17, 2023
In the grim backdrop of an ongoing war, Ukraine bears witness to harrowing confrontations between its troops and Russian forces. Over the past 24 hours, the conflict has intensified dramatically, with more than 30 combat encounters erupting along the frontlines, painting a bleak picture of devastation. As the war persists, it' s clear that both sides are willing to go to extreme lengths, engaging in direct combat that has led to the killing of each other.
The Ukrainian Armed Forces' General Staff has released a chilling report on the current state of affairs. Ukrainian defense forces find themselves in a defensive stance in the eastern and southern regions, while simultaneously launching an offensive operation in the direction of Melitopol, conducting raids along the Bakhmut axis, and gradually reclaiming temporarily occupied territories. Amid these maneuvers, the Russian Federation has unleashed a barrage of air and missile strikes on Ukraine, leaving widespread destruction in its wake.
The past day witnessed a staggering number of violent encounters. The adversary initiated eight missile attacks and 57 air strikes, along with more than 30 rocket launcher attacks. Ukrainian troops and civilian areas bore the brunt of these brutal assaults. Tragically, Kharkiv, a city home to countless innocent civilians, suffered from these missile attacks. Lives were lost, many were injured, and over 15 households were reduced to rubble, while vital civil infrastructure was destroyed.
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