😭They Bribed Mohbad's Father! ! – Fans Reacts To Controversial Leaked Audio Of Mohbad's Father Defending Naira Marley
Sep 18, 2023
In a surprising turn of events, a leaked audio recording has taken the internet by storm, featuring Mohbad' s father passionately defending the controversial Nigerian artist, Naira Marley, in the face of allegations suggesting Naira Marley' s involvement in his late son' s untimely death.
This marks the second time that Mohbad' s father has publicly thrown his support behind Naira Marley, insisting that the artist is not as nefarious as he is often portrayed. The leaked audio, which has sparked a significant reaction on social media, captures a heartfelt conversation between Mohbad' s father and an unidentified individual. In this candid exchange, Mohbad' s father vehemently refutes any claims linking Naira Marley to his son' s sudden passing.
In the audio recording, Mohbad' s father can be heard saying, Naira only asserted his seniority. His ears were closed, and he didn' t heed advice. Naira shared his contact with me around a year ago, but I have been unable to reach him. Naira is not a malevolent individual, nor is he the type who would resort to violence. He merely asserted his authority.
According to his exact words stated; " Naira only showed his seniority. His ears were blocked and didn' t listen. Naira gave me his number about a year ago, but I have not been able to reach him. Naira is not a bad person or the type that' d kill him; he only showed his who' s the boss. "
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