EVIL WORLD! Motor Riding Gang Shoots Lady, 25, Multiple Times At Aprade Junction
Sep 23, 2023
A motor riding group went after a 25- year- old woman at Aprade Intersection in the Oforikrom District on Wednesday, September 20, 2023, at roughly 7: 00 p. m.
The gang started shooting at the woman, shooting her on numerous parts
in the legs. The occurrence made observers run this way and that to seek shelter.
It is indistinct whether the woman endeavored to oppose the pack who went after her on the calm intersection to deny her of her possessions.
Meta Depiction: " A motor riding posse started shooting at a 25- year- old woman during a burglary endeavor at Aprade Intersection in the Oforikrom Region. Onlookers relate the occurrence and express worries about increasing wrongdoing nearby" .
A cab driver who considered running to whisk the draining woman to the Living Waters Medical Clinic, Sovereign Agyapong, related how occupants in the space we' re living under steady anxiety toward assaults from these motor- riding looters.
He told Extreme News' Ivan Heathcote- Fumador that " the gangsters don' t seem to be people who live in Aprade.
" They come riding these imperial motorbikes looking all dubious. I passed them when I was driving here, and my nature let me know they were going on an activity" .
Occupants of Aprade, Oduom, and its bordering networks dabbed along the Kumasi Ejisu roadway in the Ashanti District, particularly ladies, have become focuses for motor riding groups beating on unsuspecting people at sunrise and in the night. The courageous cabbie Ruler Agyapong communicated stress that every one of their objections to the police to expand watches in the space had failed to attract anyone' ' s attention.
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