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5 Cancer Causing Foods To Avoid

Ngozi Emmanuela Obiefuna

Feb. 25, 2021

From report, it has been reported that 1in every 3 people suffers cancer. So you can imagine the severity and the mortality rate this disease causes.
Cancer is a diseased condition of the body where the cells of the body grow abnormally into a
malignant tumor(lump) which spreads to other parts of the body causing harm and in most cases death if it is not detected early enough. In many cases, people having cancer is asymptomatic ie they show no symptom that is why it is advisable to quickly visit the doctor in the case on any unusual occurrence on or in the body.
Furthermore, cancer doesn' t only come when one doesn' t smoke or drink or do other dangerous stuff. Even people who think they have a healthy lifestyle still suffer cancer.
So this brings us to foods that we consume that contain carcinogenic substances which leaves one prone to cancer. Some of these foods themselves aren' t carcinogenic but what is used in growing or preserving them may conating carcinogenic substances
1. Preservatives
From the name, we do know that preservatives are what is used to store food to make them last longer. In other words, preservatives are used to preserve foods and food items. These preservatives are mostly chemical substances added to food during production to extend their shell life especially in canned foods. These preservatives are either natural or synthetic although nowadays many people do make with the synthetic ones because of its availability and all.
From study, it has been noted that some chemicals preservatives like sodium nitrate and sodium benzoate are carcinogenic in nature so the foods containing this as a preservatives can lead to cancer. These foods includes soft drinks, packaged meat, bread, fruit juice, dried fruits etc.
2. Colouring Substances
Many fruits and drugs that we take have some colour added to them to improve their appearance and texture. These colours adulterate the original colour of the product and impairs with their effect to the body. It is advisable to use natural colouring matter to colour food than using synthetic ones because the latter may be cancerous. Some natural colouring matter include cocoa powder, tumeric powder, pomegranate, carrot juice etc.
These ones are being replaced by the synthetic ones because they have a short shell life forgetting that the synthetic ones are poisonous to the body. Examples of such food with synthetic colouring are vanilla extract, coffee, grape wine, appl juice, orange juice etc.
3. Pesticides and Fertilizers
Pesticides we know are chemical liquids or powder used in agriculture to scare or kill pest attacking crops. Many times, these pesticides are sprayed on crops in order to keep them safe for longer periods. Foods preserved with pesticides aren' t good to consume because of the chemicals used in the pesticides.
This can alter the benefit of such crop and in turn causes harm. Even fertilizers used in growing crops most times isn' t healthy because of the compounds in them. This is why it is better to grow crops organically or using organic methods and manure because these things are natural and healthy.
4. Ripening and Degreeing Agents
Ripening agents are used to induce ripening in foods fruits especially. To make fruits attract buyers, sellers do infuse ripening agents in them inorder to quicken the ripening process but these ripening agents has been termed risky because they can be carcinogenic and eating fruits ripened through them one runs the risk of having cancer.
Degreeing agents too can have the same effect because some of these agents contain cancerous compounds in them like arsenic which should be avoided. So eating ruits like mango, banana which are ripened with these chemicals should be avoided especially if one is in the know.
5. Open foods
Buying open foods especially the ones seen on streets are not advisable to eat because some of the gases in the air do penetrate theses foods making them unhealthy for human consumption. In as much street foods look good and inviting, it is good to avoid them and have peace.
Even some fast food is in this category as well and so should be avoided or eaten with utmost moderacy if need be. Suya, cut fruits, burger and the rest of them may lead to this.
Nothing hurts than after taking precautionary measures still finds himself on the condition as those who don' t, so it is good to take note of these things to avoid cancer as much as we can. There' s no way we can totally avoid these foods so this is where moderacy applies. We should endeavour to eat MODERATELY AT ALL TIMES.
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