The Amazing Health Benefits Of Coconut Shell Charcoal That Many People Don't Know

Cynthia Hilda Cudjoe

March. 01, 2021

Due to its incredible absorbent properties, activated vegetable charcoal from the coconut shell has many benefits, especially in the field of health and beauty. Activated carbon from coconut shells is the most effective because its absorbency is 25 times greater than that of others
It Fights Against Bloating And Other Stomach Aches
Activated coconut shell charcoal is highly recommended for people who experience digestive discomfort, bloating and gas after eating. Why? Quite simply because it is capable of capturing up to 100 times its volume in gas! When you swallow a teaspoon of coconut shell powder after a meal, the meal is second to none when it comes to absorbing the excess air in the intestines. Suddenly, forget the bloating and flatulence, and make way for a flat stomach. It is also effective for heartburn, irritable bowel symptoms etc.
It Detoxifies The Body
If lately, many charcoal detox cures are marketed everywhere, it is not a coincidence: it is because once in our body, the powder of the coconut shell does not absorb that air in our intestines. Recent scientific studies have indeed shown that it is also very effective in trapping and then eliminating toxins from our body, but also heavy metals, chlorides, pesticides, drugs and even certain viruses. It is therefore a perfect natural ally against poisoning but also bad breath.
It whitens Teeth
Of course, it is all black, but activated vegetable charcoal does have whitening properties! To enjoy it, simply replace our usual toothpaste with vegetable charcoal powder: guaranteed effect! Just brush your teeth with the powder from the coconut shell.
It Purifies The Skin
Charcoal has become the hot new product in masks, scrubs and other facials. Logic: to have healthier, clearer skin, free from germs that cause it to become covered with blackheads or other pimples, what better than a product that absorbs the impurities and bacteria that cause skin infections. So just mix some coconut shell powder with water and apply to your skin. More anecdotally, it appears that the administration of charcoal to patients with renal failure on dialysis improves their condition. Charcoal has also been shown to have beneficial effects on cardiovascular health through its cholesterol lowering effects.
How To Have Coconut Shell Powder
We burn or calcine coconut shells on a fire, then crush these shells to have the black powder.
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