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Scooper True Life: HELP! We Are Both SS But I Am PREGNANT!


Jan. 25, 2019

Please help me I am in trouble.
I've been following Scooper for a while now and I must say thank you for all you've been doing and the lives you've been touching.
I've been in a relationship I consider the best I've ever had for a while now, but we both agreed to end it as soon as we found out we were both AS. However, it hasn't been as easy as we thought as we keep crawling back to each other.
The problem now is I just found out I'm a few weeks pregnant (I'm not sure how far along because I only took a urine test). It was a surprise though, because we were careful and took ALL precautions.
Our families are aware of our genotype incompatibility and would be against us being together. Also, I am just rounding up my postgraduate program with no job yet and the dad is also just getting his life together. Long story short, we are financially incapable of having this child. Asides that, we're scared to death of bringing forth a SS child.
Now I'm left with the option of terminating this pregnancy and in spite of all the challenges it has and will pose, I can't bring myself to do it.
I've searched online for every options I have to save my child but they're all so expensive.
Now I'm torn in between and I don't know what to do. I feel like I will regret it if I end this pregnancy.
Please help a confused young woman. Your advice will be greatly appreciated.
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