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Scooper True Life: My Son's Headmistress Thinks My Child Has Schizophrenia From Her Online Research


Jan. 29, 2019

Will I be wrong to withdraw my 2 years old son from this school I recently enrolled him to. He is yet to talk well but he calls daddy and sometimes repeats words after you. He is an only child so he plays by himself. He is generally an active child typical of his age. He loves walking around the house too. 
He went to the school for uniform fitting, the proprietress saw him walking up and down like he does and showed concerns about that and I told her he will eventually stop when he knows he is in a school environment.
He started the school less than 3 weeks ago and on the first day of school the proprietress of the school concluded he had Autism because he was walking up and down and yet to speak clearly. I told her he doesn't have autism and that he will pick up with the speaking as he doesn't really mingle with children his age. She insisted I get a medical report from the hospital.
On getting to the school to pick up my son this afternoon she came up with another story that her headmistress did her research online and they concluded that the boy doesn't have autism but schizophrenia. 
I was shocked to hear them say that. The school is pretty new,they have less than 10 children in the school. I chose the school cos I felt they will have more time to teach my child but all these negativity is just too much for my family to bear.
I just want to know if withdrawing him from there is not a drastic decision.
My son was isolated from a learning time today just because they felt he will be walking up and down.
Your candid opinion is needed.
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