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Scooper True Life: My Friend Brings Prostitutes To My House For Sex, Now I'm Depressed


Feb. 14, 2019

I Don bleep up brothers, how do I handle this situation I'm loosing weight very fast, this idiot I call a friend yesterday told me he wants to come to my place, we were very close in place of business but I don't know much about him aside business so I allowed him to visit, he was there in my house and told me he was going to sleep over I told him its OK. 
As I was going out that evening, he later called me that a girl was coming to see him, I was stunned but didn't say a word. 
I just felt he should enjoy himself and that would be the last, to my surprise when I came back yesterday I saw two big plastic bags containing clothes from dry cleaner in my bedroom after, he wasn't around at that moment. 
As I was still trying to understand the motive, the guy pressed the door bell, I opened and he went to lay on my bed, i slept on the living room last night, this morning he left before I woke up with the clothes still in my bed room. 
I told myself I will talk to him this evening but I was still looking for the polite way to talk to him, then my phone rang again this evening that he is coming, I said OK that's fine hoping to talk to him no matter how hard it is (I am a very quiet type) then he did come till few minutes ago. 
He was banging on the gate and that is a big taboo in our compound because the key to the pedestrians gate was given to everyone in my compound so you can always lock the gate after you leave but this fool was banging at the gate like its a ghetto area. 
Everyone at the compound was already peeping at their window to know what's happening when I went to the gate to open it for him, to my greatest shock there was this razz tattooed lady with him, obviously a prostitute coming inside the compound with him. 
I was dumbfounded as I noticed people looking from their corridors.
I felt the ground should open and swallow me because it was unbearable, I was just recovering from the shock, this idiot got to my door instead of removing his shoes on the corridor he walked into my living room with his shoes on (Jesus) I couldn't bear that I told him remove his shoes because we joked a lot he retorted that I shouldn't talk to my boss in that manner again (thinking I was in for his jokes)
As I am typing this now, I'm laying on the living room and he is inside my bedroom on my bed with a prostitute. (I have only entertained a female visitor once in my house and I have never had sex with anyone on my bed) now this is what I get. 
I am just a good guy to a fault (that's what I think) otherwise I couldn't let this guy inside my house, also he has a business that he said he wants to sell because he plans relocating to asaba to his family and I want to buy the business, I don't want him to feel I'm chasing him though that's what he deserves but I need smart ways to bid him farewell.. 
Towards the end of this I could hear a lady moaning meaning they are having sex and Im about to she'd tears why this guy wanna desecrate my home. Sorry for the long story but please advice my based on the delicate matter because I just battled depression and I will be depressed if this continues tomorrow. Thanks
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