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Annette Bening Had Her Kids Explain the MCU to Her for 'Captain Marvel' Role
JC News|Feb. 22, 2019
As Marvel fans, we all respect and understand the quirks of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and its stories. However, try explaining the complexities and oddities of the MCU to a casual fan and they'll be understandably lost.
Even veteran actors have some trouble understanding Marvel's storytelling. In an interview Thursday on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, Marvel newcomer and Golden Globe award-winning actress Annette Bening spoke about her role in the upcoming movie Captain Marvel.
“I play the Supreme Intelligence, who is a godlike entity ... the leader of the Kree people, the artificial intelligence which consists of the greatest intellects of the Kree people for the last million years,” Bening, who was clearly impressed with herself for memorizing her own character's unusual background, said.
The actress then admitted that while she had basic knowledge of the MCU and enjoys its films, she found the Captain Marvel script to be "slightly confusing."
For help, she reached out to her kids, who are evidently big Marvel fans.
“However, I took into my confidence—and the confidence of the entire Disney corporation—two of my kids, who I then told the story to and asked them to please explain to me what the hell was going on," Bening laughed. "Which they then did.”
Despite the initial confusion regarding the movie's script, Bening said she enjoyed her experience shooting Captain Marvel. “Every moment was, for me, such a joy,” she said.
Captain Marvel, which is now tracking for a $120 million domestic opening, will be released on March 8.
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