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Kanye West net worth 2018 Forbes
Mercy Kamunya|Feb. 28, 2019
The excitement to know what Kanye West net worth is may not come as a surprise to many. In fact, it's quite normal to have fans and followers wanting to keep themselves updated on any news about their favourite celebrities. No news trends more than wealth and net worth discoveries. For some strange reason, most people will always want their idol to be the richest or the most accomplished.
Kanye West is one of the most influential celebrities in the world's entertainment scene. He is a renowned musician and husband to celebrity figure Kim Kardashian. Anyone that keeps up with the lives of the two knows that they are among the richest couples in the world. Knowing what Kim Kardashian net worth 2018 may just be a hint on the amount that her husband is worth.
Kanye West wealth
Kanye West is known to go by many titles. Apart from being a musician, he is also a fashion designer as well as a record label founder. These are just but a few of the ways that his wealth of 160 million dollars net worth came about. The figure about 190 million dollars less than his wife's Kim Kardashian West net worth. Kim is worth 350 million dollars. Compared to other musicians, Kanye is still doing well although he may not be near Jay Z net worth of 900 million dollars.
The bold rapper, who is known for stating some of the strongest statements especially through his music, has had a lot going for him. With numerous deals and endorsements, he has been able to accumulate quite a large sum of money over the years. The Adidas partnership he had in 2016 was said to bring him over a billion dollars. The Yeezy brand seemed to be doing really well too, which means more money.
The other significant income earner for the legendary musician is his fashion ventures. His most notable one is the partnership with Adidas on a shoe line known as Yeezy. In 2016, it was all go for Kanye as Adidas signed him after luring him from Nike where he had been since 2013.
Clearly, Kanye West like most other celebrities in the world has given a lot to be where he is. Apart from his business ventures, music and fashion, he has also starred in several films and movies, which is an additional source of income. If you have ever wondered what North West net worth is, considering that her dad and mom are among the richest celebrity couples in the world, only time will tell. Even so, one thing is for sure, she is definitely worth a lot more than ordinary kids her age. It comes with the territory. Kanye West net worth should inspire anyone interested in creating wealth. With a bit of hard work and smart moves, you can do it.
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