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Scooper True Life: They Are Good Catholics But Daddy And Uncle RAPED Me For Many Years


March. 06, 2019

Today on Scooper True Life, we feature the story of Rosa who was raped several times by her dad and uncle.
She shares this story starting with this statement.
"I see many Catholics take the ash on their forehead, it makes me laugh,
“Not a laughter from happiness but one from excruciating pain.
“God is soft. Indeed.
“My daddy and uncle are good Catholics, they would not miss mass and on this day, and they would have had a giant cross made of ash on their face. But that didn’t stop them from raping me over and over again.
She continues…
“I am almost 18 years old and I will finish with secondary school by June this year. I would have finished a long time before now but I was delayed because of what my father and uncle did to me.
What did they do? They raped me and this is how it all started.
I trusted my father to be the one to protect me but he didn’t. My mother is late; she died when I was about 12 years old.
So, after they buried my mother; my father and I were living alone but he wasn’t taking care of me.
Many times, I would not wake up early enough to go to school. My father would not even be awake to make sure I didn’t miss school; he was not there to cook or care for me.
After about a year, my uncle, who is my father’s younger brother took me to live with him and his wife in Ikorodu.
They told me I needed a woman to care for me. I was almost 13 years old and in Jss2.
That is when my living hell began.
He fondled my breasts, he touched me in my vagina, he said he just liked touching me. That I made him feel like a man. He said I was his happiness.
After two weeks, he penetrated me. I cried but he said that it would get painless.
That he will take care of me but I must take care of him too. I must not tell anybody what we are doing. I must keep quiet. He was raping me any chance he got.
Yet he was a good catholic. They say he was “god-fearing”, he was respected in church. He was a good man.
I could not tell the wife. She hated me for reasons I cannot decide. She too was a good Christian.
Every time my father came to visit, I would try to call him aside and tell him what had been happening to me but my uncle will never allow me to be alone with my father. So, I never got the chance to say anything to him.
Then after my JSS 3 exams, my father said he would like to take me back to live with him. I felt that at last, I would escape my uncle’s molestation and his wife’s trouble.
I got to my father’s house and found out that he had a new woman in the house. Thankfully, she was nice to me but she did not always live with us; sometimes she travelled and came back weeks later.
That is when my father started coming to meet me on the bed at night.
I had already told my father what my uncle did to me when I lived with him; I wanted my father to fight with him but he just said I should not worry.
My own father started raping me too.
He said since I was not a virgin, there was no problem. He did it twice and after those times, I just wanted to die, Many times I wanted to take potash and mix with blue and just die.
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