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Ben Affleck Still Interested in Directing DC Film
JC News|March. 10, 2019
Ben Affleck may have hung up his cape as Batman, but that doesn't mean he's done with DC films altogether.
The actor was not only slated play Bruce Banner, but he was also initially set to direct the upcoming Batman film before Matt Reeves took on the responsibility. While speaking with LADBible recently, Affleck said while he may not act in another DC film, directing one is not out of the question.
“I imagine it would be weird to step in and do another character. I can certainly imagine directing a movie, you know — if they [DC] would have me — if it was something I was passionate about,” Affleck said.
Affleck then explained that the reason he dropped out of directing the upcoming Batman film wasn't because he's finished working with DC and Warner Bros., but because he just had a difficult time finding a direction to go with it.
“It’s not about like kind of closing doors on stuff, I just couldn’t figure out how I wanted to do [the upcoming Batman film], so it became time to let someone else take a crack at it," he said.
Fans are already listing some DC flicks they'd love Affleck to direct.
We hope that if Affleck decides to take on a directing role for DC, he'll go through with it and it'll turn out awesome.
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