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Emma Bunton: 'I was angry when Geri Horner left the Spice Girls'
JC News|March. 11, 2019
Emma Bunton was left "angry" when Geri Horner quit the Spice Girls in 1998.The singer abruptly left the highly-popular girl group without explanation and Emma reveals she was mad at her bandmate for not telling her what she was going through at the time. "(I was) angry," she told The Sunday Telegraph's Stella magazine. "Geri just left. No words. No explanation. Nothing."Emma didn't talk to Geri for some time after her departure, but they later reconnected and Geri opened up about her experience with depression and an eating disorder. ''You realise what it was like for the other person, how they saw it," she added. "It puts your friendship on a different deeper level.''Mel B previously spoke about the moment Geri decided to leave the group, and admitted the band were "frantic" when they couldn't find the singer as they were due on stage. Revealing they later discovered she was on a flight back to England, Mel added she was also unaware of the redhead's secret struggles, and said as she appeared on U.K. TV show Loose Women: "We didn't find that out until way after. I wouldn't have done that, but then everybody copes with pressure and different situations differently. So I do understand it but it makes me go, 'Oh', a little bit."The group, including Mel C, is now preparing for a reunion, but they will once again be down a member as Victoria Beckham has decided not to participate.Elsewhere in the Stella interview, Emma insisted that she doesn't resent her ‘Baby Spice’ moniker, and is proud of everything that has stemmed from her Spice Girls success."Being part of the Spice Girls changed my life," she smiled. "I went to stage school and grew up fully aware that things come, things go. If you get a chance, work hard and make the absolute most of it. There is not a single thing I regret about it – from what I wore to what we did. I’m really proud we never took ourselves too seriously, which is why I still like being called Baby. It always makes me smile."
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