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Latest Nathaniel Bassey songs and videos 2018-2019
Pauline Taji|March. 11, 2019
Nathaniel Bassey songs are not just meant for entertainment purposes. This artist’s tracks are soothing, emotional, and ingeniously crafted in a way that brings you closer to God to praise and worship Him for all that He has done for you. Through Bassey’s songs, many souls have come closer to God, and many people have turned their lives around for the better. Just like his older releases, his latest tracks are not different, they still inspire and uplift souls the way gospel songs are really supposed to.
While heading to work every morning, I like listening to Nathaniel Bassey Imela. This is one of the artist’s songs well known all around the globe, and many people all over the world appreciate this song for the sincerity in its lyrics and the utmost reverence it shows. This is the case for all Nathaniel Bassey top songs.
Latest Nathaniel Bassey songs
Although there are no Nathaniel Bassey songs 2019, this list still stands strong as it includes the latest tracks by the artist released in the year 2018. 2018 was the year when the Akwa-Ibom born musician released his long-awaited album titled ‘Jesus: The Resurrection & the Life’. The album contains songs such as:
1. Intro(Doxology: Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow)
This is an introduction to the album. It features wonderful trumpet sounds and amazing lyrics that calmly introduce the amazing tracks that are to follow it.
2. Resurrection and the Life - Nathaniel Bassey featuring Olumide Iyun
This track is wonderful for a worship session as it dwells on how powerful God is and how Jesus is the resurrection and the life, that is, how He is above all.
3. By the Spirit - Nathaniel Bassey featuring Elijah Oyelade
By the Spirit is a tune that centres on how everything is possible when you believe in the spirit of God.
4. Let My Life - Nathaniel Bassey featuring Chris Delvan
Let My Life is a prayer by Bassey that his life becomes a testimony of the great things that God has done.
5. Strong Tower – Nathaniel Bassey featuring Glenn Gwazai
This tune was written and performed by the musician himself. In Strong Tower, the artist and Glenn Gwazai praise Jesus’ name by glorifying it as a ‘Strong Tower’. In the song, he continues to glorify the Lord by saying how every knee must bow when believers pray in Jesus’ name.
6. How Sweet the Name of Jesus Sounds – Nathaniel Bassey featuring Kaydee Numbere
This number exalts Jesus’ name and tells of the power it holds
7. When I Met Jesus(The Call)
, the artist tells us of the way his life took a miraculous turn for the better when he first encountered Jesus and started living according to the word of God. This is a wonderful track for new believers.
8. Awamaridi - Nathaniel Bassey featuring Tomi Favor and Tope Alabi
Awamaridi can be translated to mean ‘mysterious and unsearchable one’. This song praises the greatness of the Lord, who is the alpha and the omega.
9. Amen Chant
This track, just like the name suggests, chants the Holy One’s name: Yahweh.
10. Hallelujah - Amen
The lyrics of this track are filled with words to glorify God. Hallelujah-Amen is a wonderful tune to lift the spirits of the congregation just before the service begins.
11. This Is Who I Am
This is a redemption track where the artist gives an account of who he is now that he is saved and washed by the blood of Jesus.
12. Great Jehovah, Great I Am
This number insists on the fact that only Jehovah’s name is to be praised.
13. Kore Enye Fonde(For He Is Good) – Nathaniel Bassey featuring Eno Michael
Kore Enye Fonde is a tune that hails God for the mercies he shows his people every day.
14. Holy Is Your Name
This tune shows reverence for God by exalting his name and the power it holds.
Best of Nathaniel Bassey songs
There are some tracks in the list of Nathaniel Bassey songs that cannot go unmentioned. They include:
1. Imela –Nathaniel Bassey featuring Enitan Adaba
Imela can be translated to mean ‘Thank You’. It is a very touching and honest track that brings out the sincerity that should be expressed when giving thanks to the Lord. This is probably the best of Nathaniel Bassey songs. Imela’s lyrics bring believers to their knees as they worship God, and the tunes and beats in the track are enough to get you to that stage of worship and adoration. Imela is one of those tracks by the artist that makes many believers rush to download Nathaniel Bassey songs.
2. Wonderful Wonder – Nathaniel Bassey and Lovesong
The melody describes how magnificent God is and how wonderfully beautiful his creations are.
3. Unlimited God – Olumide Iyun featuring Nathaniel Bassey
Unlimited God describes how powerful God is.
4. Onise Iyanu
In this tune, the artist describes how God is a god of ‘awesome wonder’ and how grand he is in the eyes of all beings.
If I were to pick gospel songs that truly bring out the right message of godliness and holiness, I would honestly choose Nathaniel Bassey songs. As we are currently living in times when religion and virtues have been taken for granted by many, there is the need for such tracks that remind people of the goodness of God and his mercy upon our lives.
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