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Danny DeVito 'in' for nude scenes
JC News|March. 12, 2019
Danny DeVito loves "taking his clothes off" on film.
The 74-year-old actor claims one of the reasons why he was happy to reunite with his frequent collaborator Tim Burton on the live action version of 'Remake' was the director told him he got to bare all in the bathtub but he joked he was disappointed he didn't get to flash as much flesh as when he played ringmaster Amos Calloway in 'Big Fish.
Asked the differences between Amos and his 'Dumbo' ringmaster Max Medici, he said: "No different. He's a showman. He's not as slick and maybe not as savvy as 'Big Fish', but he's a showman, he's a barker, he's a guy who wants to get people in to have a good time and enjoy themselves. It's kind of like what I'm doing now. Just want everybody to have a good time, really feel good, be happy to be here, buy a lot of peanuts.
"I do have a nude scene [in 'Dumbo']! But I'm nude in the bathtub so you don't see it. But I did in 'Big Fish' get up and you got to see my toosh.
"But when [Tim] told me, 'There's a scene in a bathtub', I said, 'I'm in baby!' Try to keep Danny from saying the wrong words and taking his clothes off!"
Danny admitted he would have "done anything" to work with Tim on 'Dumbo' and can't wait to see what they do next together.
He told Screen Rant: "This is the completion of the circus trilogy. You know, we did the 'Batman'. I don't know... when he called, he said exactly that, 'We gotta complete the circus trilogy.'
"And I was so excited because I'm a big fan of 'Dumbo', and I love Tim and would do anything to be in that movie with him. I don't know why he thinks of me for that. But what are we going to do next, who knows? Something really weird. Really, an understatement."
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