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This Celebrity-Approved Tattoo Trend Is Perfect For Summer
JC News|March. 12, 2019
In a year that's so far been dominated by dainty, delicate tattoos, it's unlikely that the latest trend would be the furthest thing from dainty or delicate — but it is. Chalk it up to Lady Gaga's A Star Is Born -inspired rose tattoo or Halle Berry's leafy reveal, but suddenly, everyone is talking about back tattoos.
We're not talking about lower-back tattoos — those have yet to fully re-enter the zeitgeist. For now, we're talking about the kind of tattoos that run down your spine, often featuring intricate detail, and are the antithesis to the minimal tiny-tattoo trend that seems to command the attention of Instagram users everywhere.
That said, spine tattoos aren't for the faint of heart. While pain is always subjective, the spine is a sensitive spot for anyone with a low pain threshold because it's riddled with nerves and bones, which might lead you to split up your appointment into several sessions (depending on the size of the tattoo).
But don't let that scare you off — there are a ton of inspiring designs to consider before you let fear get the best of you. Check out our favorites, ahead.
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