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Maren Morris scared to be around guns
JC News|March. 14, 2019
Maren Morris is scared to be around guns now following the Route 91 festival shooting.
The 'Seeing Blind' hitmaker used to "always feel super safe" around guns when she was growing up in Texas but following the terrible shooting at the harvest festival in Las Vegas in 2017, that is no longer the case for Maren.
She said: "I'm from Texas and I've grown up around guns, and my whole family was always super safe with them. But as much fun as that was growing up, do I feel particularly safe around guns now? No."
And the 28-year-old singer is glad people are "getting braver" and talking about the issues.
She added to Esquire magazine: "People are getting braver. And I'm glad. As much as people like to say 'shut up and sing,' those aren't the people who move the culture forward. Artists are extremely influential. If you are informed and you pay taxes, you deserve as much of an opinion as anyone else."
Maren's main focus is music and she is working on a new album, which she says is "genre-less".
She said: "I'm about to record my second album, that's a really exciting and stressful time because it's a big deal and he [her husband Ryan] keeps me straight and we're just so happy to be married now and we've got our dogs waiting at home for us, so it's a good life ... I think that's the direction that music is turning now, it's very genre-less, it's boundless. I feel so excited to be able to do what I do but also on the side get to have these amazing realms of creative freedom in other genres, too."
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