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Embarrassing Assumption
JC News|March. 15, 2019
One time, Network Celebrity (NC) and His Partner (HP) were at a fine dining restaurant on a romantic date. HP then told NC that Another Diner (AD) behind him was holding up a mobile device at her direction. NC said HP should not mind AD, as he might just be admiring her beauty and wanting a souvenir.
After a few minutes, HP told NC that she was feeling uneasy, as she is sure AD is taking photos of her. She asked NC if they could just move tables. Sensing that HP would not stop, NC stood up and went to where AD was seated.
NC nicely asked AD if he could put down his device, as HP was already uncomfortable. Surprised, AD replied he was not aiming his camera at HP, but at the couple next to their table. According to AD, he was taking photos of a male diner, who happens to be his sister’s long-time boyfriend, and a female diner, who is not his sister. AD is suspecting his sister is being treated like a fool and now he was documenting evidence. NC could only smile when he heard the story.
However, AD was not yet done with his bit of talk. He added that he does not even know who HP is and he does not care at all. Further, looking at NC, AD said he is not even interested in HP, as his eyes and heart are focused on the cute guy who was seated next to him at that moment.
NC was caught off-guard with the last line and he apologized for the wrong assumption. When he returned to their table, he explained to HP what AD was doing. His mood had already changed, as he was embarrassed. Thus, they ate a bit faster and left in a hurry.
Make that ConfidentialFollowers remain baffled on why Kind-Hearted Celebrity (KH) and Female Actress (FA) have neither confirmed nor denied their relationship.
When FA decided to make a major career move, fans anticipated that she could finally break free from the intrigue that was romantically linking her to KH. Many assumed that the ‘couple’ could finally confirm their relationship. No such thing happened and things revealed to the public did not make it easy for fans who hoped the two were indeed real. KH was linked to his co-star despite the loud rumor of his relationship with FA.
Then, in a blink, FA did something commonly done by celebrities. FA packed her bags and went on a long break. Predictably, pregnancy rumors spread, but FA and her handlers slammed such talk. Even the issue of losing intentionally the alleged baby, which was courtesy of KH, of course, was floated. Still, no comments were heard from the camps of KH and FA.
The latest rumor hounding FA is that she has given birth in a hospital a few days ago. According to the grapevine, instructions of observing strict confidentiality were given to the hospital staff. A leak might suddenly invite the press or other unwanted parties to flock to that hospital.
In the meantime, the fans wait for either confirmation or denial from them.
Dropped for GoodWhen Female Talent (FT) learned she has been dropped from the cast of a coveted project, it wasn’t taken sitting down.
Assuming she has a close relationship with Main Celebrity (MC) in that project, FT decided to talk to her. FT allegedly requested MC to ask a Head of the Production (HP) to reconsider the decision of her non-inclusion. After all, the project included one of her Onscreen Loves (OL). MC would be with her Loveteam Partner (LP) anyway. To balance the cast, OL should have someone. Moreover, FT might lose her career if she is always set aside from being cast in big projects.
MC could only console her friend. As this movie could be the break she’s waiting for, MC was not going to create a blunder that could affect her own status in the project. Thus, she told FT that she can only do so much and she does not have the power to change the mind of HP.
Meanwhile, rumor has it that HP was not keen on taking in FT for the project. As part of preparation, HP had watched how FT performed in her assignments and he was not impressed. Accomplished in his own turf and given his high success rate for the management, HP has an eye for good acting. Unfortunately, based on his standards and his observation of her performances, FT needs to develop her acting skills. Her cringe-worthy acting will ruin the project. Hence, HP decided to drop FT and make changes in the project.
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