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BBnaija Reunion: Alex and Cee C Pass the Baton to Ahneeka and Ifu Ennada


March. 26, 2019

Sequel to the reveal of Alex and Tobi’s sexcapade by Cee C which led to Alex breaking down in tears and walking out of the show, a resolution to the conflict between Alex and Cee C seems to have taken place yesterday.
 After Alex walked out from the show, Cee C went backstage to talk to her and urged her to come back in, but Alex still in tears says she’s tired. Vandora says she didn’t understand Alex crying because she felt Alex was giving off an ‘I don’t care vibe’.
Ifu Ennada reveals that she told Cee C to talk to her fans about their attacks on Alex but Cee C shrugged her off and said her fans are adults. It was also revealed that Cee C was threatened with an acid bath by Alex’s fans.  A teary moment sets in as Alex walks back in and gives Cee C a hug. They makeup and everyone is grateful for peace at last
Ifuennada says there’s a lot to say but she doesn’t want to start another drama, she says everyone needs to ‘get the bag’ and forget the drama
Finally, the drama ends, right? Wrong!
Ahneeka says she knows how many times she tried to 'get the bag' and Ifuennada sabotaged her!
Can’t we just have peace? Wrestle mania ensues between Ahneeka and Ifu Ennada as they take off their shoes to balance well during the fight, from the look of things BamBam believes Ahneeka will beat Ifu up. Ebuka and some of the ladies begin to separate the girls but BamBam and Cee C just want to enjoy the show.
 Ebuka expresses his disappointment in them and amidst tears Ahneeka and Ifu Ennada make up.
Too much tears in the last episode if you ask us, who was peeling onions?
Confessions, reconciliation and forgiveness- what’s a girl talk without drama and tears right, we can’t wait for the next episode of the reunion show! What do you think is going to happen next?
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