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Thieves trying to siphon petrol from a bus mistakenly drink sewage
Taiwo Owolawi|March. 28, 2019
- Some thieves reportedly got a mouthful of sewage while trying to siphon fuel
- The offenders had tried to steal fuel from a tourist bus but targeted the wrong tank
- Police are trying to locate the offenders through ‘word of mouth’
It is a common saying in Nigeria that every day is for the thief and one day is for the owner. Well, it seems some crooks recently got more than they bargained for in a recent robbery attempt.
According to Daily Mail, a tourist bus in Laverton, central West Australia, became the target of some crafty individuals who decided to steal petrol from it.
As is the usual practice where some people retrieve fuel from a vehicle by sipping it out, some unknown people decided to do the same.
However, they were in for the shock of their lives as they ended up with a mouthful of sewage after targeting the wrong tank.
Laverton police, Sen. Sgt Heath Soutar, explained that they have no interest in retrieving the missing items but they are only looking for the criminals.
Sen. Sgt Soutar also added that he hopes the crooks will be apprehended through ‘word of mouth’.
Nawa o.
People in the community were seen laughing and obviously enjoying the young man’s discomfort. It is no doubt that they feel he deserved the punishment.
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