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Nairobi: Boy in need of bone marrow transplant appeals to missing sister to save his life
Linda Shiundu|April. 13, 2019
A distraught Nairobi family has been dealt double blow after one child was child was diagnosed with leukemia and another mysteriously went missing.
The children being orphans, they have been living with their aunt at the Mukuru kwa Njenga slums with 15-year-old Ivan Obade being in need of a bone marrow transfer.
According to a report by NTV, Obade's perfect match and only hope is his sister Alice Auma, a Form two student, who went missing without a trace in 2017
According to the aunt, Mary Achieng, who has been living with the children, noted Auma left after asking for KSh 6000 to go for school trip.
“She said she needed KSh 6000, I did what I could and even borrowed some so she could go for the trip which was to last for a week, however, she did not return and the school watchman told me she was not among those who went for the trip,” narrated the aunt.
Ivan has been admitted at the Matter hospital for six months where he has undergone ten of the twelve recommended chemotherapy cycles in a bid to manage the leukemia.
The hospital has since taken up the financial burden of treating and taking care of Ivan who has been admitted at the facility for six months with the hope that one day his sister will return.
This is because, his aunt, who sells boiled maize at the slums to fend for the family, was not able to raise the funds required for Ivan’s treatment.
Due to the family’s living conditions, a sick Ivan had been forced to move in at the St Maria rescue centre to alleviate his pains and suffering.
According to medics genetic material to facilitate the exercise needs to be gotten from a close relative to avoid rejection hence Auma is the perfect match to help Ivan
The two have been living with their aunt since they were orphaned in 2014.
Both the family and the hospital are now appealing to Ivan’s only hope to return home and give him another chance at a pain free life
“I am appealing to anyone who could be knowing where Alice is or if she is watching, let her come Mater we do the tests do test. Alice you are the only person who can save Ivan," said the hospitals CEO Dominic Mwenje
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