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Ghanaians give strong opinions on what men need before thinking of marriage
Nii Ntreh|April. 15, 2019
Men are burdened with a lot of responsibilities per the way our society is set up and so YEN.com.gh took to Facebook to ask what men need before thinking of settling down.
YEN.com.gh took to Facebook to ask Ghanaians what they expected before men could think of marriage.
Among the list, money topped. Other qualities such as accommodation, faithfulness, being God-fearing and having respect for women were mentioned.
We collated some of the responses most representative of the the general overview.
Kekleli Afangbedji quipped that: "Nothing, just good husband,good father's spirit and the vision of the wonderful family than he want to build."
Another user had an entirely different idea. Gloria Bosomprah wrote: "First is God because if you fear God,you can’t do things to hurt your wife n last but not least money,money,money!"
Don Emmanuel also chipped in: "De answer is simple..as a man make sure u have money before u marry..we don't use tomatoes to cater for wife n children but money".
Fredua Agyemang Asamoah also added: "Since marriage isn't child's play,a matured mind,good job and above all,must be GOD-FEARING".
Maame Mercy had a rather safe vie, writing: "Be matured. Able to rent a room/apartment. Have a job that pays or a working capital. Be spiritually strong. Be tolerant.
Have leadership and management skills. Have a listening ear. Desist from unnecessary socialization. And in all be a God fearing."
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