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Facebook User Thanks Fire Service For Showing Up In Gbagada Hospital


April. 24, 2019

Oyinkasola says, 
It started from the ground floor so patients were trapped upstairs. My friend’s sister was also trapped with her 24-hour old baby.
Patients were hysterical. They were screaming for their lives. They saw death face to face but God and men came through.
Nigerians came with a ladder and hammers. We were all trying to save them. A doctor actually climbed the ladder that stopped at first floor to receive the 24-hour old baby trapped on the second floor through the window. He actually caught the baby with just one hand.
Fire service, however, showed up in 20 minutes to quench the fire.
I mean, they not only showed up, but they also showed up with WATER. Thank you for the fire service.
She added 
GOD BLESS NIGERIAN DOCTORS and NURSES too. I watched them risk their lives yesterday. Some actually got injured while trying to break the burglary and save all the patients.
All I could do was pray.
I simply reminded God to remember my friends labour of love in church. The gentleman is the definition of faithfulness and service. I couldn’t imagine losing him, his sister and the new born.
I am grateful something in Nigeria worked yesterday.
Fire service worked.
Thank you.
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