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I was Raped On My Birthday, I Want To Kill Myself.


May. 15, 2019

I had finally turned 21, this was going to be the best birthday ever, my friends and I would go to the club have some drinks, meet some guys and have the time of our lives, I had thought. 
That night after taking a couple of drinks, I noticed a guy looking at me. He was cute but I was too shy to go and meet him, so I continued sipping my drink while my friends were talking about something.
It was already getting late and my friends decided they wanted to hit another spot, I told them I wasn't going so they left while I called for an Uber. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw someone walk up to me, it was the guy from earlier. 
He told me his name was Shola and that he had wanted to talk to me since he saw me enter the club but I was surrounded by my friends and he was too shy.
He asked where I was going and I told him I was heading home. Disappointed, he asked if he could give me a ride, the first thought that crossed my mind was stranger danger. 
I had already ordered my uber so I told him not to worry that I am good and told him about the uber. So he said he would wait with me while I waited for the uber. 
So we went back inside to wait and used the next few minutes to talk.  I stood up to visit the ladies room, when I got back he had already gotten me a drink. 
As I took a sip not thinking anything about it, after a while, everything started getting woozy. I knew I wasn't drunk enough to be getting tipsy, I hadn't drunk a lot so I wondered what was happening. 
My phone rang signaling the arrival of my uber guy, I told him to help me to the uber because I was feeling tipsy. 
He carried me into the uber and slid in beside me, He said he wanted to follow me so I could get home safely that he would get his car the next day. I dozed off for a while.
I woke up what felt like an hour later naked in a room that wasn't mine. I was alone and there was a discarded condom wrap on floor.
I felt sore and there was blood between my legs and on the bed. In a heartbeat, I knew what happened, with tears in my eyes I looked around for my clothes. 
I took off dragging my sore body out of the hotel and called a taxi to take me home. 
I never told anyone about what happened to me, I couldn't even go to the police because I was so embarrassed.
I had been raped and I had no idea who the guy was.
I am depressed and thinking about suicide. 
What do I do?
How do I come out of this depression? 
Please advice me in the comment section.
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